System and software process development
A good engineering process should make your work easier and your team happier.

Making the change to a formal process must always be planned in small, easy-to-digest stages. The team must feel fully involved in the development of the process otherwise it is doomed to fail.

With experience in CMMI, ISO, IEC62304 process development we can help your team develop a common sense approach to reach your process improvement goals while still working on day-to-day production tasks.

System and software requirements management
Managing changes in system and software requirements is perhaps the most difficult and costly part of any project. When there are problems, the entire team suffers.

Are you making drastic requirements changes one week before a product release? If so, perhaps your requirements are too detailed, or your milestones are unrealistic, or perhaps you aren't managing your customer effectively.

Sometimes an unbiased outside view can help you see where your process isn't working. We can offer strategies to help you manage requirements change and make your project development easier to manage.

System and software architecture design
Some projects are best satisfied by a monolithic architecture (one complex design that does everything). Other projects demand a distributed architecture (multiple smaller designs combined together).

Developing effective architectures is one of our specialties! We can help you design from scratch, or we can offer independent "sanity checks" on the architecture your team has designed.

Expert software coding and testing
If you need advanced software coding or testing help for a few days or a few weeks, we can help. All development will be professionally done to comply with your company's standards.

Documentation / Code Inspection:

  • add comments to your code
  • independent formal code inspections / peer reviews


  • C / C++
  • bareboard embedded, linux, windows
  • device drivers
  • advanced custom websites
  • test vector development
  • xUnit test procedure creation